Hedonic Coffee Bright Bean and Bold Bean 250g
Hedonic Coffee Bright Bean and Bold Bean 1kg
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Both Beans

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Try Both Beans 

At Hedonic Coffee we want to give you the opportunity to sample our best coffee beans, so we've created a coffee bean sample pack to help find your forever bean. Whether your coffee tastes are for a darker bolder flavour or a lighter sweeter, our two exceptional blends provide a taste of what good coffee should be.

Our specialty coffee beans are roasted in Melbourne and delivered Australia wide for free.

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic service and great coffee

Can't imagine better people to deal with. Super prompt and go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction.
For my use with an Aeropress the bright bean worked better than the bold beans, but it would come down to individual preference.
The extra acidity of the bright bean gives the coffee a real lift and it is very full flavoured. The darker flavours of the bold bean are pleasant, but a bit milder than I prefer.

Freshly Roasted and Quick to arrive

Put the order in first thing tuesday, and was sent out that arvo. Arrived thursday arvo and could smell the heavenly scent through the packaging. Have started with the bright bean which is a crowd pleaser, and goes well with oat milk. looking forward to testing out the bold beans next!

Great Beans, Great Service

Both beans taste fantastic! The team are super responsive and went above and beyond to guarantee a pleasurable buying experience. Highly recommend trying these out.


Perfect for milk based coffee

It's ok

My wife thinks it's great. But I'm not a fan. Maybe it's my taste. But we have been sampling a while now from different places and it's my least fav.